DISTRICT 14 is a Community Youth Drama Company based in Wrexham. We run classes from The Memorial Hall in Gresford, providing weekly drama education classes which culminate in termly performance showcases.

We serve three distinct age groups:

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  1. To develop a wide range of social skills that will help students become great learners and great people with great futures. By social skills we refer to: teamwork, communication, creativity, problem-solving, negotiation and leadership.
  2. To use drama methodology and public performance to develop self-esteem and confidence in all DISTRICT 14 students.
  3. To facilitate creative learning experiences that enable DISTRICT 14 students to express their understanding of themselves and the world they live in.
  4. To explore a range of relevant social and community issues that empower DISTRICT 14 students to stay safe and have empathy for others.
  5. To develop high order thinking skills, resourcefulness and imagination through the use of the company’s chosen house style of non- naturalistic, symbolic theatre.
  6. To create unique, progressive performance work which is self-devised and represents particular views of the world as seen through the eyes of young people.



DISTRICT 14 does not subscribe to the ‘star-system’ often associated with the theatre. We are a drama in education company as opposed to a theatre school. We treat all of our young members as ‘stars’ within our inclusive and collaborative approach to devising work and performing it. Our performance work will be memorable, make our audiences think and there will be very few times a young person is not on stage.

Like any theatre school, we value and develop ‘performance talent’ but, in this company, ‘people talent’ (e.g. energy, commitment, cooperation, ideas and positivity) is just as important.

We provide a disciplined and high expectation culture that supports the individual to thrive in a safe and secure environment. We firmly believe that with the appropriate boundaries and ground rules, creative possibilities are infinite.



DISTRICT 14 is open to any young person between the age of 7 and 19 for whom our aims strike a chord.

We would be particularly keen to work with students who would enjoy the opportunity to:

  • Create, devise and imagine
  • Express themselves
  • Perform in front of their peers and public audiences
  • Meet new people
  • Explore relevant social issues
  • Develop confidence and other social skills

Our company is not just about acting.

Drama can incorporate many other disciplines and skill sets. Consequently, we welcome young people who wish to develop skills in directing, thinking, scriptwriting, lighting and sound design, stage management and film and video.


  1. Harry · May 4

    I want to be an actor


    • Andrew · May 4

      Hello Harry, That’s an admirable ambition. Are you interested in becoming a member of District-14? If so, there’s information available under the ‘Join Now’ section or, alternatively, you can email http://www.districtfourteen@icloud.com
      Thanks, Andy Taylor-Edwards


  2. Tracey Czerniak · May 17

    Hi I have completed a set of forms for my daughter to join the group but I can’t see an address to send them back to you! Could you please let me know how I get the forms back to you?


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